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What to Wear Wednesday: Animal Print Shoes


Although I would wear animal print shoes anytime of the year, they seem to fit in seamlessly with my fall wardrobe. The browns, blacks, and beiges act as printed neutrals and add the best “pop” to any outfit. Casual, dressy, somewhere in between, there is a look that will suit you. The beauty of animal print on your feet is that it doesn’t seem quite as loud as a cardigan or  cheetah pants ;) You can ease yourself into a pair and go from there. I bought the pair above (and below) last year from Lauren Conrad’s line at Kohls ( . I wore them for our engagement shoot last year with Caleb’s cousin Josh (

photo (5)

I love an awesome animal print shoe!! Cheetah is my favourite, but there are a few different options. Here are a few styles and patterns that I have found and love. A mix of flats, heels, and booties.

shoes 3

shoes 9

shoes 1

shoes 10

shoes 2

shoes 5


shoes 7


shoes 6

Isn’t that orange tip pair delicious??!!

And how cute is British television icon Fearne Cotton??!! I am LOVING her leopard print obsession and all of her looks…






Last year, around this time, I scored these adorable tie up, leopard print oxfords (below) with a red sole at Marshalls! They’re Dolce Vita and I adore them. I am loving that cardigan and skinnies weather is BACK in full swing!

Bekah by house

I plan to wear my leopard heels for my 30th birthday this month ;) Pictures to come. Rock your animal print! Be sure to send me photos. I can’t wait to see your outfits!!



*About the above outfit: Necklace and white tank, H&M – Tan cardigan, Old Navy – Skinny Denim, Mossimo, Target – Oxford shoes – Dolce Vita, Pendleton Clutch, Seaecho

The Start of October!!

 I ADORE THE FALL!! I’ve already started lighting spiced candles and switching out my summer threads for my cozy leggings and sweaters. And boots!!!! I’ve also already got a line up of movies I’m going to make my husband watch with me, including Remember the Titans, which is an Autumn must for me. As well as Stepmom. AND Anne of Green Gables, which I will watch with my amazing neighbor Sandi. The leaves are starting to fall and the colors are awesome. Colorado is known for its Aspen trees. This past weekend, Caleb and I drove through stormy weather up into the mountains, to see if we could get a glimpse of them. When we reached our destination, the sun was out, the sky was crazy blue, and the golden trees blew us away. We pulled over onto a shoulder and realized there was a trail on the hillside. We put our hazards on and climbed down into the valley and found the perfect little meadow. Here are just a couple of photos from our adventure.



image (1)

 Last night we had friends over and Caleb made a fantastic curry! We also broke out the white hot chocolate and indulged a little :D

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

(My sister-in-law Laurel gave me the mug on the right!!! Love it so much :D)

We are loving the Springs!! Making lots of friends and building relationships with old friends. Refurbishing things in our house, settling in a bit more. LOVING the cooler weather, now that it’s October and perfectly acceptable. In just a week, my in-laws will be here for a visit!!! Meet Rob and Lois!!

 photo 1

photo 2

They’re such a gift to me!! I cannot wait to have them in our home and to show them where we live and introduce them to who we do life with. Looking forward to many more memories made together. While they are here, we will celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. I’m already brainstorming simple tablescapes…one from Martha Stewart and one from my friend Joelle’s house a few years back. I really think white pumpkins are adorable!



table setting

Last weekend, I helped my friend Sandi set up her yard with the antiques and treasures she had made and was selling. She had SO MANY beautiful things and one of them was this plate that she has painted with chalkboard paint (which I still have to pay for!) She had found the best Anne of Green Gables quote and written it on the plate. It reads:


It’s the little things. Like favourite quotes and yellow apples. Spiced candles and pear caramel butter on toast. Savouring the moments. Now, to pick an awesome Autumn themed book to read while cozied up under the covers, adorned in leg warmers and a vest!!! Ha ha ha…

Happy start of Autumn to you!!




P.s. That is not a crime scene with red tape behind us…that is our front yard…ha ha ha….oh apartment life….

What to Wear Wednesday: The RIGHT Colours for YOU!

Back in the day (as they say), women would get together for makeup and fashion parties and one highlight, of many I’m sure, was figuring out what each attendees “colours” were. What colours look best on you, in clothing and in makeup. What colors to avoid, what colours you could try, and where you fit on the Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter scale. Maybe these parties still happen?? If so, I am unaware…but, have no fear!! Bekah is here…When perusing the racks of fall fashion, be sure you know what colours look best on you! Not everyone can pull off a rust coloured sweater or an olive-green dress. I was just talking to a friend about this today and thought it would be a helpful tip to pass along! I will not try to “reinvent the wheel”, so I am passing along a website that I find so helpful.









The Chic Fashionista has an excellent explanation and examples of how to figure out what works best with your hair, eye, and skin colour. These photos alone help so much!! I, being blond, fair, and light eyed, am a mix of spring/summer.

Also, this image below from is so cute and also so helpful!

Have FUN with colour, but know what will suit you BEST. I love the change of seasons and find it so fun to add in new colours to my wardrobe. Cheers!!!




A Smattering of Instagrammer Genius

This past week, one of my favourite design sites posted some of their top picks for Instagram and I thought to myself “HELLO!!! You follow some AMAZING people!!” So, in response to that thought, I am introducing you to some of the accounts I love to follow. They inspire, they stir up creativity, they make me smile. I love the photos that take you on a journey of the persons life. Photos that make you want to teleport there and just be. Some of these folks are friends. Some are strangers I feel like I know. One is my favourite man on the planet. Have a look. Give these folks a follow…


MERMAAIDY : Friend of friends in Seattle. I adore her sweet photos.



 SENORDELAO: Our friend Tony in the Springs. Photographer, lover of life, loves a good taco and to adventure in out city and beyond.


TABITHABAB: My dearest Tab. Friends since she could barely walk. She has decided to take life by the horns and to travel and to study abroad. I am crazy proud of her!!!



DRVOLLAND: Acquaintance and another friend of friends. I feel like I know him well. His photos are GREAT!!  Eye doctor and seeker of beauty and well-curated spaces.




ANNARIFLEBOND: Favourite designer/painter…I am obsessed with all she posts and save them as phone backgrounds so I see them often…



ANTHROPOLOGIE: Need I say more?



THUGLIFEFOREVS: Recently started following this gem. Every shot is golden and so smart. Her eye for things inspires me to really look around.




LOCAL_MILK: A darker feel to her photos…so much depth…I love the neutral palette. Such a work of art!




 DENISEBOVEE: I want to steal her children. Not really. But close. She has the best photos of them all living life to the fullest!!



 CALEBFRIESEN: I would marry this man over and over again. I am always impressed by his eye for things. His attention to making every shot award winning. He inspires me.




 INGWERVANILLE: Such beautiful colours…based in Vienna and Provence…I want to be Svetlana’s friend…




 _FROTOGRAPHY_: My dear Charaia, the wild child ;) I am proud of her for breaking out into some new things…for being fully alive and fully awakened. She is such a BRILLIANT one.





A Reminder That You’re Beautiful

My friend Tara shared this with me today and I had to keep pausing it in between tears and mixed emotions. This. Is. Priceless. This is real life. The daily struggle…what it means to be fully alive and fully female. The position of the heart…the condition of the physical appearance. Another reminder that, no matter your shape, size, deformity, religion, skin colour, age, sexual orientation, acne, clear skin, makeup, no makeup…YOU were made by a Creator who fashioned you PERFECTLY. In every season, in every decade…so much more than skin deep, you carry a beauty and possess so much that only you can. EMBRACE YOU. Love the differences in the women around you. Call them out. Remind each other of your value and worth. Hold the hand of someone who needs a sweet reminder that they’ve not been forgotten and that they are SEEN. We have no time to be catty or to tear someone down. It’s just not worth it.

Happy Friday!



Currently Obsessed With: Part 5

I am a girl who loves things. I don’t need a lot of things or expensive things, but I do like NEW, FUN, PRETTY things. Here is yet another list of things I am currently in love with, enjoying, or eyeing. I’m excited to share with you what I’m diggin.

aztec sweater


Love this stuff. On blankets, pillows, clothing…I have this sweater and ADORE it. I also have one that is coral and cream. Classic or trendy? Maybe a bit of both. I just really like it!



Before we got married, my favourite pink French press broke (well, the glass did…). On our honeymoon, my sweet husband treated me to a new white one that I LOVE!! He is also a gem and makes me coffee in this most mornings. I am spoiled :)



Cale found one of these for me at Goodwill!!! I have been wanting one FOREVER and was so stoked he found one!! We brought it home and I have made the Danish pancake balls several times now. This is going to be a new tradition in the Friesen home :D




I cannot WAIT to go camping…I think about it often…I dream about it even…I brought my tent home when we were back for the wedding and I am SO EXCITED to adventure with it in a new state!

coconut lemon lotion



My dear friend Ally had this at her house and I freaked out over it!! She took me to the natural grocers and I bought some the next day. It smells delicious, two of my very favourite flavours!!!



Cale and I have a pretty decent sized apartment. We are on the second floor and have LOTS of natural light pouring through. I am new to house plants in general. I have mostly lived in darker apartments, with not much bright light. So I was so happy to welcome plants it my life with my move to Colorado and this apartment. We have a couple kinds of ivy and a few succulents, but mostly herbs we use for cooking! We have mint, basil, cilantro, and rosemary right now…we are looking for a few more to add in. LOVE.



Bravo to the history channel!!! This show ROCKS. We just finished season two and are both SO BUMMED its over. Excellent character development, savage and fierce, and so relational and real. The landscape is beautiful and every episode keeps you wanting more. Season three cannot come soon enough! It’s also a fun thing for me to watch as a Scandinavian. Long live Ragnar Lothbrok!!!



Again, I blame my mother. I ADORE these little guys…fragile, but they write perfectly and come in amazing colours!!! I do a lot of letter writing and these are simply perfection.




This line of makeup is excellent! I have several of their lip gloss and have used a few other items. Worth checking out for sure!!


neon runners



I am pining for a pair of these. The runners I  have now are starting to wear some, after all of the running I have been doing. These pink ones are seriously delicious!!! We also just joined the YMCA, so I feel like I need a fresh pair of kicks to motivate me…right?? ;)

What are YOU currently in to??  I’ll keep my eyes peeled and will let you know what other things I am CRAZY about!!!

Cheers! XOXO


For Both Our Sake: Part 1


I am two months into marriage and I have barely even scratched the surface of what it truly means to be a lifelong partner to someone.  Wife is such a funny word… meaning “a female partner in a marriage”. Earlier this year, just months before Cale and I tied the knot, I sent out an email to some women in my life that I trust, love, and respect. Some older, some younger, some newly wedded ladies. All of these women have different perspectives and life walks and outlooks. I have dreamed of being a wife for a very long time and, might I add, a damn good one. I hear these women who complain about their husbands ALL OF THE TIME. (I think to myself… I’m sure you are not always a walk in the park yourself, lady…). They do not honour him, respect him, or ever think that they may be the one who needs to compromise. They get together with other women and they have a full out tear down session, their husbands hearts and reputations being sacrificed so they can one up another gal with how bad they have it and how stupid their man is. Now, again, I am new at this, so please don’t throw any stones. This is just observation. I have also seen women who, on the flip side, make their man look like a million bucks, all of the time. They encourage him, love him, support him when it’s hard to…they are selfless. They don’t continue pointing out his wrongs…they are real. Raw. They have the same tough times, but they do not air their dirty laundry to the neighborhood. They are who I look to as my guidance for this crazy adventure called marriage. They are women who run their households with strength and beauty. They have offered me some beautiful insights. Some practical, some things to be aware of…I long to be an amazing helpmate and counterpart to Caleb. To pour out love on him and to see him shine and grow and learn and thrive…

Here are a few pieces of advice I was given. I am keeping these things anonymous, as to protect the advice giver. There were just some gems in here that I had to pass on, so you too could apply these to your current relationship. They’re beautiful gems I carry in the pockets of my brain and pull out when needed.

*       *       *       *       *

I often want to ‘teach’ my husband a better way – or make him somehow different.  Truth be told, I learn so much from his different approach.  But it’s so easy for me to feel like I’ve got the ‘right’ way.  It can get sticky when push comes to shove and you realize how different you each are…make room for the other person to be them.

Date nights must be FIERCELY protected

Be a student of your husband. Figure out what makes him tick, what causes his face to light up, what brings him joy. In turn, these are things that will make YOU the most happy

Talk about EVERYTHING! Never assume anything

Be quick to forgive-do not fall asleep angry…or at least work towards this ;) You are teammates working together to problem-solve an endless amount of daily events. It is really true that you should never go to bed with unresolved issues.  We have found that making a ritual each evening recounting events of the day keeps us on track.  We talk about how we handled ourselves, but more importantly what we would do differently if something similar were to come up again.

When he says you’re beautiful, believe him. He’s going to see you in all your glory. It’s easy to assume he’s not going to like the parts of your body that you don’t. He’s not even going to notice them. He loves you wholly. This man is your partner, your love, hopefully your best friend and your heart.  It is very easy in the dailiness of life to forget the “person” you fell in love with.  The newness WILL wear off and if you have both been paying attention you will find you love one another far deeper then you do now.  This is based solely on your respect for one another and what each of you individually bring to the table as well as meeting each others emotional needs.

Reach out to your community of family and friends around you that will hold you and your husband up through both the good and bad. Do not smear your husband in the process, but seek out truth from those around you. Talk about household chores and don’t get frustrated if he does not automatically do something. Voice what you need and what you BOTH expect.

Apologize when you are wrong, even if it is unintentional. Your partner’s feelings, ideas, opinions, and preferences are just as valid as your own. Make room for your mate to be who they are and you won’t have to apologize so much

There is only one side and you are both on it.

I have learned from both my marriage and from the destruction of my parent’s marriage that speaking kindly to one another is absolutely essential. Even when you are mad or frustrated or in pain, you always have a choice about how you speak to another person

Be generous in the bedroom. Take your time. Tell your partner what you want and what you like. Don’t be shy or hide yourself. Lose yourself in each other. It’s honestly one of the best places in the world. Don’t take it for granted when your partner moves toward you in a physical way and don’t use sex as a solution to anything.

Be co-creators together. Both of you are already complete – you do not complete each other-Instead you are fully formed individuals who work together as a team to create the life you want to live. Instead of having eyes only for each other, picture yourself standing side by side, hand in hand, facing toward your future. Equal. You move forward together but separately. Since you’re not conjoined, if one of you struggles along the way, the other is more equipped to help you up.

Make time for yourself. Have interests apart from your mate, and allow your mate the same freedom. This will make you better partners to each other

Above all, be grateful. Give thanks for your mate every single day. If you are frustrated with your mate, give thanks and you will be filled with love. I’m not kidding. This is serious stuff. Gratitude is the birthplace for all love, joy, connection, and belonging.

*       *       *       *       *

The women in my life are pure gold. I plan to write out more of the words given to me, as well as sharing some of what I am learning on my own and through others and, for myself, through my relationship with God. Breathe. Embrace life and ENJOY the RIDE!! Cherish your every relationship. Cultivate it, water it, feed it…watch yourself and the other person thrive…




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