What to Wear Wednesday: The Saavy Blazer


Do not buy the lie that you cannot wear a blazer if you do not have a business meeting to attend. That is absolute poppycock!! (That’s a nicer choice of word than what originally popped in my head…) It took me awhile to get into wearing blazers, even to business meetings!! I hesitated to buy one. I went birthday shopping with a friend, about 3 years ago and he bought it for me as a gift! It is navy with gold buttons and three quarter length sleeves. I started to play around with it and wore it to work. I wore it with patterned pants, with skinny jeans, boots, and long necklaces. I have tried it with skirts and over dresses. There are so many ways to wear it!! Pair it with a graphic tee, a boyfriend jean, and some neutral or patterned flats!  JCrew makes some stellar blazers. I also really like Banana Republic for classic blazers. You can usually find some fun ones while thrifting too :D I’ve since bought a teal one, a white one, a neon yellow one that zips, and a blush colored one with polka dots, pictured below. LOVE.

 As per usual, I have rounded up some visuals for you, via Pinterest. A variety of looks and tastes. My fave is halfway down – a Khaki green blazer with a tulle skirt. Take a look :

image3 - Copy

image2 - Copy

image6 - Copy

image5 - Copy

image4 - Copy






Blazers are a great addition to your wardrobe, all year round!!! Pick one, work it, and enjoy. Cheers!!


One Year In…

When Caleb’s cousin Josh was visiting us in March, he took some pretty amazing photos of Caleb and I at a park here in the Springs called Garden of the Gods. It is jagged red rocks coming up from the earth, in an unlikely place. So raw, so rough, so beautiful. We go here often just to walk and snap a few photos and to take in the fresh air. We were almost married for one year when these were taken. It has been a really incredible year and I am more in love with my best friend now than I ever have been. Even on the days when he sees me at my lowest point, my ugly crying, he is genuine and tender. He is my anchor. I am a rollercoaster and he is steady as a mountain. I have learned that:

Marriage is better than I could have ever expected it to be.

Forgiveness should be offered quickly and not withheld.

Sex is the most beautiful with the one you were created for.

If someone truly loves you, they love ALL of you, even the parts that are hard to love.

Marriage is an adventure and trying new things together adds spark to the everyday.

Spontaneity is your friend-you cannot plan every detail of your love story.

Being secluded always can be damaging-community is key in ALL seasons!

The other person’s needs exceed my wants.

Talk about everything, without shame – an elephant in the room feels even bigger in a marriage.

Words can either uplift or tear down – I refuse to be a nagging, negative wife with a sword for a tongue.

When men are sick, they are like needy, sweet little puppies….lol….

So many more lessons I could share, but this is a good little list for now. Josh took so many good photos. It was FREEZING out, to the point my hands were bright red. We braved it though and rewarded ourselves later with Mexican food and cocktails!! I was also excited to wear my all-time favourite dress from Anthropologie!!



Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

  Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 6

Photo 10

Currently Obsessed With: Part 6

Hello!!! Thanks for stopping by!! As you can see, it has been WAY too long since my last post. Life has become busy in our bustling community here in Colorado Springs! Not to mention, I have spent the past year investing in my relationship with new husband. It has been magical!! Marriage is a blessing. Not always easy breezy, but worth every moment. I am grateful. I have also been writing a bit for Colorado Collective (www.colorado-collective.com), which is made up of and focused on local makers and shakers in the Southern Colorado region! Lots of events and personal stories. Check us out! I’ve also started a book club with a friend, have become more committed to my personal health, and we’ve joined a weekly meal group! We get together and share a meal and chat about life…whether tough or lighthearted. We are in the process of packing up our life in the Friesen Mansion apartment and moving a few blocks to the East, into an awesome little two bedroom house!! I am perusing websites, catalogues, and keeping my eyes peeled while shopping for pieces that will fit our new space. Life is good!! Hustling and bustling as usual. Thanks for your patience and understanding with my unintentional hiatus! Life has a mind of its own :D

So, I thought I would showcase another round of my obsessions…since I seem to get an awesome response and since I am already talking about them with anyone who will listen anyway…HA!!

1. Brush Script/Hand Lettering

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Caleb is amazing at brush script/handlettering!! I have wanted to learn for so long. He bought me some fancy brush tip pens and showed me some of his secrets and I have been practicing every chance I get!! Here’s the stack of my first practice sheets on the kitchen floor.

2. Blush, the colour


So, some of you may remember, but I used a lot of blush colour in my wedding. The flowers, the bridesmaid dresses…I cannot get enough of it. the Post-Its on my desk are even blush!! I saw this skirt from Urban Outfitters and wanted to DIE!!! I need this skirt…in a major way…okay, and the purse…

3. Clean Eating


In February, Caleb and I jumped on The Whole 30 wagon and have tried not to look back! Tried being the key word. We did our Whole 30 successfully and felt amazing after! It was not without its challenges though. It taught us a lot and we have changed our eating choices. It is amazing what clean eating can do for you! I would encourage everyone to dedicate 30 days to this and see the changes for yourself! No regrets! (And yes, that IS Whole 30 BBQ Pork stuffed sweet potatoes!!)

4. Danish Design


I have about 600 photos on my Pinterest I could post here. This is a perfect balance for Caleb and I. Very clean lines, minimal, but with character. We are trying to pair our stuff down to just what we LOVE, which for me, is hard. This is the gist of what we are going for. So, that being said, I am searching far and wide for the exact items I LOVE that embody the Danish design aspects.

(Photo Courtesy of www.Domainehome.com)

5. Book Club


Like I mentioned earlier, my friend Sarah and I started a book club!! It is the very best. 5 girls reading the same book, drinking wine, eating cake and yummy cheeses, and gathering to chat about the book and the rest of our going ons. I am loving every second of it and it is forcing me to not only read, but to FINISH the books!!! This is our current read and I do not want it to end…so beautifully written.

6. Almond Milk Lattes


I learned on Whole 30 that my body really does hate dairy…lame…BUT!!! Almond milk is my new friend. I use it in things I would need milk for. I also LOVE my lattes, as you know, and am still having them. I have just substituted for almond milk and it is a dream…

7. Cookbooks


I have always loved cookbooks, but to be honest, they usually sit and collect dust. Not anymore!!! I am dedicated to working through them and challenging myself! The most recent one I got was my “paper” gift on our first anniversary from Caleb called “The Forest Feast”. It is all vegetarian, which I am not, but can appreciate and enjoy. My sister-in-law got it for Christmas and we all sat around looking at it, drooling over every page. I was ecstatic to receive my own copy!!! I will hopefully remember to post recipes I make on the blog.

8. Gilmore Girls


I am so enjoying going back an re-watching these episodes, years later from their release. When I was 16, so was Rory, the daughter. Now I am 30 and the same age as Lorelei, the mom. It is blowing me away!!! The writing is brilliant, it has been so long, I feel like this is my first time watching them. I watch them on lunch breaks, when I was dishes, when Caleb watches basketball…I am, needles to say, pathetic…

9. Kimono Cardigan


I just bought one of these second-hand, to see if I liked it or not. At first, I was convinced they looked like bathrobes…and then I wore mine and LOVED it!!! I am still getting use to so much flow, but if what you’re wearing underneath is structured, have no fear! The options are also endless…

(Photo Courtesy of www.glamradar.com)

10. White Lilacs


Our weather here in the Springs has been B A N A N A S! Hail and thunderstorms and sunshine and snow…and that’s all in one day. No joke!! Through the chaos, these beautiful buds have emerged and have brought my heart such happiness! The air is thick with their delicious aroma…I love Spring and I love white lilacs.

11. Pink Lip Colour


I wear pink lips most days and the Spring brings it out even more! Every shade, but mostly mid range, full colour, not too frosty. I loved this colour on Emma Stone, so that’s the photo of choice. Plus I just adore Emma and cannot WAIT to see Aloha!!!

(Photo Courtesy of www.byrdie.com)

Well, that is all for now. I’m excited to get back into the blogging groove. I have missed it!! Your feedback is welcome.



What to Wear Wednesday: Animal Print Shoes


Although I would wear animal print shoes anytime of the year, they seem to fit in seamlessly with my fall wardrobe. The browns, blacks, and beiges act as printed neutrals and add the best “pop” to any outfit. Casual, dressy, somewhere in between, there is a look that will suit you. The beauty of animal print on your feet is that it doesn’t seem quite as loud as a cardigan or  cheetah pants ;) You can ease yourself into a pair and go from there. I bought the pair above (and below) last year from Lauren Conrad’s line at Kohls (www.kohls.com) . I wore them for our engagement shoot last year with Caleb’s cousin Josh (www.joshdookhiephotography.com).

photo (5)

I love an awesome animal print shoe!! Cheetah is my favourite, but there are a few different options. Here are a few styles and patterns that I have found and love. A mix of flats, heels, and booties.

shoes 3

shoes 9

shoes 1

shoes 10

shoes 2

shoes 5


shoes 7


shoes 6

Isn’t that orange tip pair delicious??!!

And how cute is British television icon Fearne Cotton??!! I am LOVING her leopard print obsession and all of her looks…






Last year, around this time, I scored these adorable tie up, leopard print oxfords (below) with a red sole at Marshalls! They’re Dolce Vita and I adore them. I am loving that cardigan and skinnies weather is BACK in full swing!

Bekah by house

I plan to wear my leopard heels for my 30th birthday this month ;) Pictures to come. Rock your animal print! Be sure to send me photos. I can’t wait to see your outfits!!



*About the above outfit: Necklace and white tank, H&M – Tan cardigan, Old Navy – Skinny Denim, Mossimo, Target – Oxford shoes – Dolce Vita, Pendleton Clutch, Seaecho

The Start of October!!

 I ADORE THE FALL!! I’ve already started lighting spiced candles and switching out my summer threads for my cozy leggings and sweaters. And boots!!!! I’ve also already got a line up of movies I’m going to make my husband watch with me, including Remember the Titans, which is an Autumn must for me. As well as Stepmom. AND Anne of Green Gables, which I will watch with my amazing neighbor Sandi. The leaves are starting to fall and the colors are awesome. Colorado is known for its Aspen trees. This past weekend, Caleb and I drove through stormy weather up into the mountains, to see if we could get a glimpse of them. When we reached our destination, the sun was out, the sky was crazy blue, and the golden trees blew us away. We pulled over onto a shoulder and realized there was a trail on the hillside. We put our hazards on and climbed down into the valley and found the perfect little meadow. Here are just a couple of photos from our adventure.



image (1)

 Last night we had friends over and Caleb made a fantastic curry! We also broke out the white hot chocolate and indulged a little :D

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

(My sister-in-law Laurel gave me the mug on the right!!! Love it so much :D)

We are loving the Springs!! Making lots of friends and building relationships with old friends. Refurbishing things in our house, settling in a bit more. LOVING the cooler weather, now that it’s October and perfectly acceptable. In just a week, my in-laws will be here for a visit!!! Meet Rob and Lois!!

 photo 1

photo 2

They’re such a gift to me!! I cannot wait to have them in our home and to show them where we live and introduce them to who we do life with. Looking forward to many more memories made together. While they are here, we will celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. I’m already brainstorming simple tablescapes…one from Martha Stewart and one from my friend Joelle’s house a few years back. I really think white pumpkins are adorable!



table setting

Last weekend, I helped my friend Sandi set up her yard with the antiques and treasures she had made and was selling. She had SO MANY beautiful things and one of them was this plate that she has painted with chalkboard paint (which I still have to pay for!) She had found the best Anne of Green Gables quote and written it on the plate. It reads:


It’s the little things. Like favourite quotes and yellow apples. Spiced candles and pear caramel butter on toast. Savouring the moments. Now, to pick an awesome Autumn themed book to read while cozied up under the covers, adorned in leg warmers and a vest!!! Ha ha ha…

Happy start of Autumn to you!!




P.s. That is not a crime scene with red tape behind us…that is our front yard…ha ha ha….oh apartment life….

What to Wear Wednesday: The RIGHT Colours for YOU!

Back in the day (as they say), women would get together for makeup and fashion parties and one highlight, of many I’m sure, was figuring out what each attendees “colours” were. What colours look best on you, in clothing and in makeup. What colors to avoid, what colours you could try, and where you fit on the Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter scale. Maybe these parties still happen?? If so, I am unaware…but, have no fear!! Bekah is here…When perusing the racks of fall fashion, be sure you know what colours look best on you! Not everyone can pull off a rust coloured sweater or an olive-green dress. I was just talking to a friend about this today and thought it would be a helpful tip to pass along! I will not try to “reinvent the wheel”, so I am passing along a website that I find so helpful.










The Chic Fashionista has an excellent explanation and examples of how to figure out what works best with your hair, eye, and skin colour. These photos alone help so much!! I, being blond, fair, and light eyed, am a mix of spring/summer.

Also, this image below from www.cardiganempire.com is so cute and also so helpful!

Have FUN with colour, but know what will suit you BEST. I love the change of seasons and find it so fun to add in new colours to my wardrobe. Cheers!!!




A Smattering of Instagrammer Genius

This past week, one of my favourite design sites posted some of their top picks for Instagram and I thought to myself “HELLO!!! You follow some AMAZING people!!” So, in response to that thought, I am introducing you to some of the accounts I love to follow. They inspire, they stir up creativity, they make me smile. I love the photos that take you on a journey of the persons life. Photos that make you want to teleport there and just be. Some of these folks are friends. Some are strangers I feel like I know. One is my favourite man on the planet. Have a look. Give these folks a follow…


MERMAAIDY : Friend of friends in Seattle. I adore her sweet photos.



 SENORDELAO: Our friend Tony in the Springs. Photographer, lover of life, loves a good taco and to adventure in out city and beyond.


TABITHABAB: My dearest Tab. Friends since she could barely walk. She has decided to take life by the horns and to travel and to study abroad. I am crazy proud of her!!!



DRVOLLAND: Acquaintance and another friend of friends. I feel like I know him well. His photos are GREAT!!  Eye doctor and seeker of beauty and well-curated spaces.




ANNARIFLEBOND: Favourite designer/painter…I am obsessed with all she posts and save them as phone backgrounds so I see them often…



ANTHROPOLOGIE: Need I say more?



THUGLIFEFOREVS: Recently started following this gem. Every shot is golden and so smart. Her eye for things inspires me to really look around.




LOCAL_MILK: A darker feel to her photos…so much depth…I love the neutral palette. Such a work of art!




 DENISEBOVEE: I want to steal her children. Not really. But close. She has the best photos of them all living life to the fullest!!



 CALEBFRIESEN: I would marry this man over and over again. I am always impressed by his eye for things. His attention to making every shot award winning. He inspires me.




 INGWERVANILLE: Such beautiful colours…based in Vienna and Provence…I want to be Svetlana’s friend…




 _FROTOGRAPHY_: My dear Charaia, the wild child ;) I am proud of her for breaking out into some new things…for being fully alive and fully awakened. She is such a BRILLIANT one.