Currently Obsessed With: Midsummer Version

I am a summer girl. Minus the sunburns and the mosquito bites that is. The warmth in the air, the beachy blond my hair turns, the freckles that connect on my skin. Patio time with friends, backyard hangs and BBQs. Iced coffee and hikes to epic lakes. The smell of sunscreen and dry shampoo…ha ha ha.

This summer has been so awesome so far! We have been adventuring around our incredible state. We also went on a quick trip home to Seattle to see family, friends, and the ocean <3

Along the way, I have picked up some new favourites to share with you. Another list of things I am enjoying/loving/wish I had more of in this season of sunshine! Enjoy :D



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To be honest, I have not camped much. I am pretty city…lol. I went once a year as a kid through my teen years, usually and always at a state park. Caleb and I wanted to camp last year and it just didn’t fall into place. This year, we have been determined to get out there!! Caleb grew up in the outdoors, paddling kayaks and camping out. It was awesome for him to take me and to teach me to make all of our meals over the fire and to savour the river and mountains and billions of stars. Much needed!

2. Neon Orange



I will take neon in most any shape or form. I love it in markers, clothing, decorating…it is so unique! For some reason, the pink has always caught my eye more. This year, I am all about the neon orange! Love it!

3. Street Tacos


Ever since I can remember, my mom has cooked a variety of things. My favourite were always her enchiladas. They are still one of my favourite foods ever!! In the summer, it is nice to have something a bit lighter than that, but still get your Mexican food kick. Caleb and I, without planning it out, have deemed this the “Summer of the Taco”. We have had them at several different places already, with no end in sight!! My favourites have been at Sonterra in Colorado Springs (get the pork belly ones!!) and at Pinche Taqueria in Denver! We have made some delicious slow cooker ones at home as well. Here’s the simple version of the recipe:

Recipe: Homemade Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

  • 5-6 chicken breasts (frozen or fresh)
  • 16 ounce box chicken broth
  • 1 Packet taco seasoning
  • 1 jar salsa
  • 1 can diced green chilies

Let cook in slow cooker for 8 hours on low or 4-5 hours on medium. Chicken should cook down and be soft enough to pull apart easily with a fork. Top with cilantro, lime, lettuce, tomato, and anything else that makes your heart skip a beat!


4. Baby Lips


I just adore these little cuties! I have the hot pink one with the yellow writing, Pink Punch. Such an easy toss on and looks sweet with tanned or fair skin.


5. Coconut Popsicles


The best flavour ever!! I want to make some at home, but so far have just bought them. I really love the creamy ones that Outshine makes! So. Perfect.

6. Tattly Summer Collection


I heart Tattly. They have such fun temporary tattoos. On my wedding day, I gave all of the ladies a “Today is the Day” tattoo, as that was our sort of mantra for the day. They have such fun summertime ones!! Boom boxes and ice cream and beach balls and canoes and paddles! It’s endless really…check them out here!


7. Patterned, Cotton Shorts


They feel like jammies, ya’ll!! I have a pair I scored at Nordstrom Rack for $19 and I love them. You can dress them up or down, put together with sandals and bare legs or leggings and boots. Endless fun and so many options!


8. Good Housekeeping Magazine

good housekeeping

I remember a time when I would be in the waiting room at the doctor or the dentist, searching the table for a good read. It always seemed they had four options: Sunset, Highlights, National Geographic, and Good Housekeeping. This was my only exposure to the later mentioned magazine and everything in it felt like it was only applicable to my mother and her friends. We had dinner one night at my friend’s house and she had a copy on her counter. Of course, the brush script and bright colours caught my eye. I perused through it and was surprised to find a magazine that I really liked!! Articles I would read, colourful and eye-catching; full of recipes that I liked, ideas for decorating with florals, and what to wear with navy pants. I’m looking forward to getting in a subscription to these guys. They know what’s up!

9. Beachy, Platinum Blond


I am always blond, regardless of the season! It is just me. I have tried reds and such and came up feeling like someone else. I DID add pink last month and am looking to again August. (Pictured here AS WELL AS Baby Lips :D) Platinum blond and summer go hand in hand, as far as I am concerned! I also love, love Michelle Williams colour and cut, as well as my friend Rachel below, who is basically a woodland fairy. Major #WCW going on here!! I’m not sure if it’s true that blonds have more fun, but I sure feel like it might be.


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10. Crispin Blackberry Pear Hard Cider


So refreshing and delicious!! This flavor combo knocked it out of the park for me. I love apple as well, but the pear with the berry has summer written all over it!!

Thanks for reading!! I’m curious what you’re loving this summer!! Send me a comment and let me know what I should keep my eye out for.






Current Playlist: Poolside Jams


Here’s a little mini list of songs that I have been loving. I try to keep Spotify on at work, so that I can find music that keeps me going through the day.  I fully plan on soaking up some sun and pool time this weekend, with these little tunes in tow. Some oldies and some newbies. Enjoy!!

1.   Susanne Sundfor – Delirious

2.   The National – Anyone’s Ghost

3.   Monakr – Diamond

4.   Glass Animals – Black Mambo

5.   Lord Huron – Ends of the Earth

6.   MGMT – Electric Feel

7.   Cher Lloyd – Sirens

8.   OMI – Cheerleader

9.   Ryn Weaver – OctaHate

10.   Madeon – You’re On

*     *     *     *     *

That’s my little list for now. Hoping to get more listening in and to share more goodies!!



Weekend Thrifting!!

This weekend, a sweet little neighborhood to the east of us had a neighborhood wide garage sale. Cale and I took some loose cash and hit the streets! This is one of our favourite things to do.We usually make a plan of attack when there are so many in one space. We did find treasure!! We also found a few at the Goodwill in Golden, when we were there adventuring, climbing through Red Rocks park and eating perfect Indian food. Here’s a snap shot of some of the things we found.image2L to R: Pink and White striped tank $.75 – Shark sewing machine, used once $5, BRAND NEW Target pillows, 2 for $10 – Sam&Libby flats in blush and black, never worn, $5 – Vintage pink swan planter, $8 – Vintage 60’s Flour/Sugar containers, 2 for $6, and a $4 succulent garden from Trader Joe’s that doesn’t really count. Also, the photo below is the epic pair of black Schuler and Sons Skelly ankle boots I scored for $10!! They had their original tag for $188 on them – tread like new, hardly worn, if they even were. I had spotted some similar at Anthropologie and had to explain to my husband why it was okay for me to get yet ANOTHER pair of shoes :D He’s the best…

(Not pictured: Food dehydrater for $5 – Philodendron plant, full and still growing $3 – Bissell push vacuum for our one rug! Ha! $5) I was also given a hand mixer that is absolutely lovely by my dear friend Sarah, which I am so stoked to use!!!

That’s all for now! Until the next treasure hunt…



Currently Obsessed With: Part 7

Well, our summer is sloooowly making its way into view. It has been crazy rainy here in Colorado Springs. We broke a rain record from 1835. Bananas. Being a Seattle girl, you would think this rain would be easy peasey for me to deal with. While it is sentimental and does make me miss the Pacific Northwest, I have become spoiled with the Colorado sunshine! I will not complain, however about how GREEN it has made everything!! That, I love. In this rainy month, I have found comfort in a few things that give me hope that the sun will shine again! Ha ha ha…things I like all year long, but that recently have made me excited and ready to embrace summer and permanent S U N S H I N E.



1. Sauvignon Blanc



My book club drinks wine at every gathering. At our first meeting, my friend Abby brought the BEST Sav Blanc and from then on, it is all that I have wanted. Boxed or bottled, I will drink it. This is going to be my first summer consistently drinking white wine and I am so excited about it! I want to add some peaches and raspberries in next time…


2. Tina Fey


I have recently started watching 30 Rock again from the beginning and it gets me every time. Tina Fey is stinking brilliant. SNL has not been the same since her departure. Her comedic timing is awesome and I just want to hang out with her. That is all.


 3. Tarte Cheek Stain


My favourite summer cosmetic. My sister/bestie Michelle gave me one of these years ago and I have been buying it ever since! Tipsy is my jam. It gives me a warm, peachy glow all year round that I just love!!

4. The Firewatchers Daughter


The direction this woman has taken is nothing short of perfection. She brings tears to my eyes. A Pacific Northwest cat that KILLS it with old school folky vibes. This album is in the top of my most listened to right now. We listen to it on road trips and I sing along to it at work. Get to listening if you haven’t.


 5. Jeni’s Whiskey & Pecans Ice Cream



WARNING: This ice cream will change your LIFE! Hailing from Ohio and stocked on the shelves at Whole Foods, this ice cream will be showing its face at a lot of parties and gatherings this summer. It is udder perfection. We had it as dessert for my dearest Sara’s birthday and I literally licked my plate…shamelessly. The. Best.

 6. Pink Hair


I like it. I love it. I want some more of it.

 7. Richer Poorer Socks


 My friend Vince works for these guys and I have been nothing short of thoroughly impressed with their products! I spoil my husband with these bad boys and have a pair or two myself. Having an epic sock game is a must. I learned that from my mama. she still has the best socks ever!

8. Peep Toe Shoes


Heels. Booties. Platforms. I love me some peep toes and am a big fan!

 9. Hello Lucky Cards


These cards are so totally fun! They have them for every occasion! I have bought their boxed cards before too and they’re just great. So fun to send to friends and to received! (

 10. Large House Plants



So, we started with a small succulent and herb garden. Now, we have a few large house plants and I just want more and more and more. These are NOT our house plants. This is the Denver Botanic Garden, but my husband looks so handsome, this was the picture of choice :D Maybe one day I will have a giant palm!!! Right now, we have a snake plant and an awesome rubber tree!

There you have it. How I am dreaming of summer and warmth and what I am currently drooling over.



What To Wear Wednesday: Stud Earrings


Vintage. Gaudy.Triangular. Glittered. Matte. Square. You describe it and I probably own a pair of stud earrings to match the description. I have so many pairs, so little time. I buy them at Goodwill or garage sales or new off of the rack. I am not picky. As much as I love bracelets and necklaces, I love a good pair of stud earrings. They match every occasion. You can rock the big giant grandma glam ones with a cocktail dress. You can pair the neon bow pair with your swimsuit or a cute sundress. They suit every event, every season and never, in my opinion, go out of style. You can fashion your own with craft store backings, a glue gun, and your favourite buttons, bottle caps, or sea glass! Here are a few pair I have recently spotted and loved. In the photo above, I am wearing my vintage gold and white stars, from my sister, for my husband’s green card party.

If you’re into designer pieces, Kate Spade is hard to beat! Two of my girlfriends got me these “Mrs” earrings as a bachelorette gift and I wore them my entire honeymoon! They are my most favourite pair. The other few photos below are also adorable earrings by Kate.

FullSizeRender (2)
FullSizeRender (3)
And, as usual, a smattering of more fun stud earrings that I just L O V E.
(I want these salted pretzels B A D L Y!!)
image3 (1)
image4 (1)
image5 (1)
image6 (1)
And of course, champagne/blush are my fave!!!
It’s summer! Throw your hair back and let your cute ears make a statement.

What to Wear Wednesday: The Saavy Blazer


Do not buy the lie that you cannot wear a blazer if you do not have a business meeting to attend. That is absolute poppycock!! (That’s a nicer choice of word than what originally popped in my head…) It took me awhile to get into wearing blazers, even to business meetings!! I hesitated to buy one. I went birthday shopping with a friend, about 3 years ago and he bought it for me as a gift! It is navy with gold buttons and three quarter length sleeves. I started to play around with it and wore it to work. I wore it with patterned pants, with skinny jeans, boots, and long necklaces. I have tried it with skirts and over dresses. There are so many ways to wear it!! Pair it with a graphic tee, a boyfriend jean, and some neutral or patterned flats!  JCrew makes some stellar blazers. I also really like Banana Republic for classic blazers. You can usually find some fun ones while thrifting too :D I’ve since bought a teal one, a white one, a neon yellow one that zips, and a blush colored one with polka dots, pictured below. LOVE.

 As per usual, I have rounded up some visuals for you, via Pinterest. A variety of looks and tastes. My fave is halfway down – a Khaki green blazer with a tulle skirt. Take a look :

image3 - Copy

image2 - Copy

image6 - Copy

image5 - Copy

image4 - Copy






Blazers are a great addition to your wardrobe, all year round!!! Pick one, work it, and enjoy. Cheers!!


One Year In…

When Caleb’s cousin Josh was visiting us in March, he took some pretty amazing photos of Caleb and I at a park here in the Springs called Garden of the Gods. It is jagged red rocks coming up from the earth, in an unlikely place. So raw, so rough, so beautiful. We go here often just to walk and snap a few photos and to take in the fresh air. We were almost married for one year when these were taken. It has been a really incredible year and I am more in love with my best friend now than I ever have been. Even on the days when he sees me at my lowest point, my ugly crying, he is genuine and tender. He is my anchor. I am a rollercoaster and he is steady as a mountain. I have learned that:

Marriage is better than I could have ever expected it to be.

Forgiveness should be offered quickly and not withheld.

Sex is the most beautiful with the one you were created for.

If someone truly loves you, they love ALL of you, even the parts that are hard to love.

Marriage is an adventure and trying new things together adds spark to the everyday.

Spontaneity is your friend-you cannot plan every detail of your love story.

Being secluded always can be damaging-community is key in ALL seasons!

The other person’s needs exceed my wants.

Talk about everything, without shame – an elephant in the room feels even bigger in a marriage.

Words can either uplift or tear down – I refuse to be a nagging, negative wife with a sword for a tongue.

When men are sick, they are like needy, sweet little puppies….lol….

So many more lessons I could share, but this is a good little list for now. Josh took so many good photos. It was FREEZING out, to the point my hands were bright red. We braved it though and rewarded ourselves later with Mexican food and cocktails!! I was also excited to wear my all-time favourite dress from Anthropologie!!



Photo 1

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