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Currently Obsessed With Part 4



So, with the wedding quickly approaching, (19 days!!!), I have little free time to dedicate to the blog. I am hoping,

once life settles into place a bit, I will be writing on set days of the week!!! I am really missing  it and LOVE the feedback I have received. So. Much. Fun!!

Without further ado, the list of items I am currently obsessed with….


Mid Century Ottomans

I think Caleb and I will need several of these, in varied shapes and colours. We have one I am bringing back with us from Seattle. Used as an ottoman, a side table when necessary, or a decorative statement.


Capiz Shell Chandelier

I am also bringing one of these home from Seattle. It has been tucked away for too long and would look KILLER in our bedroom. I adore these!!!




Totes (McGoats)

I have a collection of these bad boys and use them continually! Grocery shopping, farmers market adventures, a trip to the coffee shop with creative supplies…too fun! And they don’t take up all of your closet space! These are random faves from Pinterest!









Homemade Almond Butter

I am late to the game. I want to make my own almond butter though!!! I found a recipe at and plan on trying it ASAP! Try it with me :D



Coral Nails

Always a fave!! To me, it is a visual embrace of warmer weather!



Floral Leggings

Still on the hunt for the right pair of these…I am more picky with the patterns than I thought I would be…



Albeit Matte Stylo Stick

I just picked one of these up at Anthropologie and am diggin it!! A lot of colour, but goes on smoothly and so pretty. I did get the one in coral…big shocker, I know.


French Macaroons

These are my all time favourite dessert. They are perfection. I dream about them, literally. Friends of mine brought them to my bridal shower last week and  I almost cried tears of joy. Pistachio and hazelnut are my top picks.


Tocca Perfumes

These are so lovely! Very floral and very feminine. I have worn a few of these scents and just bought a new mini bottle of Florence to wear on my wedding day. It is so sophisticated and complex and the fragrance lasts longer than most of the other perfumes I own. Adore these! Found at or




Eleanor Swain

No, she is not a thing, you are correct. Eleanor is, however, a dear friends daughter and I find myself hunting down her mama’s Instagram and stalking her…Sarah, her mom, also sends me photos of her because she knows I cannot get enough of this FACE!!! love, love, love this little one…









*       *       *       *       *

This is all for now!! Loving life right now. Such a fun season for me!! Hope your finding joy in the little things as well :D Let me know what you’re loving right now!!



What To Wear Wednesday: Gold Rush!


In honour of the Olympics taking place at the moment and, the much desired Gold medal,  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to pull out my FAVOURITE COLOUR!!! This is my favourite photo at the moment that includes gold. It is from Anthropolgie and is PERFECT!! I’ve commented on how much I like stripes before. Gold stripes??!!! Perfection. Plus, I am a sucker for a perfect golden blond.

I am a golden girl (not to be confused with the Golden Girls who are just as golden :D). Most of my accessories I wear are gold. My necklace with Caleb’s initials, my engagement band, my gold Toms…I have gold eyeliners, gold handbags, a couple of gold clothing pieces, and golden streaks in my hair. Willy Wonka is my hero…a giant candy factory, tickets made of gold, and geese that lay golden eggs??!!! Sign a girl up ;) Gold is complementary on every skin type and it the perfect statement. A little goes a long way! I am a traditional yellow gold girl. Rose is pretty too, but I am pretty classic with my gold. My bridesmaids and my flower girls will be rocking a variety of gold shoes (similar to below) on my wedding day!! Such a fun pop.

I’ve scoured Pinterest for a few pics to inspire gold medal winning ideas!


Adorable baby moccasins!! Melt.


Golden sparkle shoes!! I also ADORE the black and white with the little gold bow POP!

20140211-113842.jpg 20140211-113835.jpg 20140211-113828.jpg

A golden belt is an awesome way to add just a little bit of spunk to a neutral outfit. I also like to pair my gold belt with a bright, patterned dress and boots!


Of course, every girl needs her gold earring collection for every occasion :D Even if the occasion is an outing to buy a latte.

20140211-113718.jpg 20140211-113711.jpg

I also have several gold clutches that I love to pull out for an event or just because. They are always in style and always so fun!


Gold pants is something i still have yet to try. I think i would become obsessed and would want to wear them DAILY! Some great photos here or such a fun pant style! Really thinking this should be a purchase soon…i may need a floral shirt too!!! ;)

20140211-114526.jpg 20140211-114519.jpg 20140211-114511.jpg

Gold skirts are another classic. they can be dressed up with a flowy top and heels or dressed down with leggings, flats, and a fun sweater.


This gold dress SCREAMS Bond girl!!! What an amazing vintage look!!! Killer.


Gold is also fun, on both adults and kiddos, in fun punches. These sweatshirts are a little more jazzy than your average hoodie, but can easily be paired with a coloured skinny or your yoga pants at home.

20140211-113902.jpg 20140211-113854.jpg

Here I am wearing my favourite Michael Kors tank with gold embellishments on the neckline. I wear it in the summer with shorts or in the winter with a cardigan and jeans!


Thanks so much for reading!!! I am enjoying all of the feedback i have received from so many of you.

Rock. That. Gold.



Where I’m At.


( I apologize for the ridiculously grainy photo…my apartment has lame lighting at night and I could not get it more clear!!)

I haven’t posted for a while now about fitness and becoming more healthy!! I am happy to say, I have NOT fallen off of the bandwagon. I have had my weak fast food moments and the occasional mini bag of Skittles (as the girls at my office know!) In the past few weeks, I have cut out processed sugars. I have also been more contentious about what I am putting into my body for the past few months. Here in Colorado, the winter weather has proven to be a challenge. I made a decision a few months back that excuses were inexcusable. I would ALWAYS have one for not taking care of myself…its too cold…or too windy…or why the candy bar is okay…or why I am just too tired…or why I can put it off until tomorrow. I have been running on the weekends (when it is nice enough) in the middle of the day. During the week, I come home most every night  after work and pop in a Jillian Michels DVD. She is NO JOKE! I have friends who do Crossfit and who run marathons and Jillian makes them cry! It is all about consistency. I have had to work to not beat myself up for what I could have been doing for a long time. I am doing it now and that is what really matters. The wedding has been a good motivator, but it hasn’t been my main focus. Caleb will love me in my wedding dress regardless of my size. I do want to FEEL amazing though! I also have not been weighing myself consistently, because I am a woman who gets caught up on numbers. The number on the scale is NEVER what I hope, even though I am feeling better and have visibly slimmed down. It helps me to focus on the being healthy part and not on the “if only I weighted________” part. My fiancé has been a great encouragement too and keeps me accountable. My friend Erin has also been a real inspiration as well! Always checking in and seeing how I am doing. She has done an amazing job herself with transforming her body slowly with new habits and consistent living! I am still moving towards being even more healthy and watching more pounds shed…committing to a lifestyle of healthy living and of taking responsibility for my own body and what I do with it and how I fuel it. My top five list, as of now, to encourage you would be:

  1. Find an accountability partner!! Don’t try to tough it out alone…bring someone else in on your journey
  2. Do not over commit-stick to what you can do with the amount of time you have. If you plan to do two hours of running, an hour of swimming, and a 30 minute DVD in one day, but you haven’t been off the couch in months,that is just not going to work. Ease into a routine and slowly build into more… I recommend Jillian Michels 30 day shred… it will kick your rear in just 20 minutes and has three different levels!!
  3. Positive self talk- Eliminate anything you may say that could be harmful to you. Speak life over yourself, speak health over yourself…point out the things you LIKE about you and work slowly on the rest.
  4. No excuses- Eliminate those as well :D You CAN be healthy, you CAN work out hard, you CAN see results!!!
  5. No sugar and the rest in moderation- It may just be my body, but I do SO much better with no processed sugars. I eat bread, I eat meat, I eat cheese…I do eat is all in moderation. I also have been eating hearty soups for lunch and eating a lighter dinner, which seems to help me too?

This is probably nothing new you haven’t already heard. It really is a consistency thing. I am just sharing where I am at in my journey to feeling awesome, looking better, and feeling great!I am excited to keep pushing myself until the wedding (61 days away!!!) and after. The wedding is NOT my end goal…this is a new way of life for me.

Let me know your thoughts and tell me where you are at! It’s never too late to make positive changes.

 Have a great week!! Cheers to you and the journey you are on!!


Currently Obsessed With Part 3



I love these. So much. I have been researching photos and such for my wedding florist. They are tissue paper thin and so delicate and feminine. LOVE LOVE LOVE.


Vintage Coffee Mugs

You know me. Love my smattering of random mugs. I just got another one :D Looking through shelves at the thrift store…i love having such a fun variety!


Aztec Sweaters and Dooney & Bourke Purses

This photo is a double win! I have an Aztec sweater and am looking for another one. The varieties are endless! I also just bought my third vintage Dooney at the thrift store for $10! Gotta love it. The real leather and the sturdy builds. Hard to go back to a Target purse after these.



Cale and I are both on the hunt for some new eye wear. I am wearing mine so much more in this dry climate! My eyes just don’t like contacts some days. I’m checking out Etsy and Warby Parker, and perusing eye clinics when I walk by. Love the hunt!!


Rifle Paper Co.

This is by far my favourite line of paper goods! Journals, calendars, invites, greeting cards…you name it. They have the very best florals!! Hand-painted and hand designed. My handsome fiance used this company as a reference when designing our invites (his are much better!!). This company is WONDERFUL! They will have my business for years to come!





When I was a little girl, my grandma bought me an awesome calligraphy set. I wrote for hours and hours. I would really enjoy getting back into this!



I blame my dearest Shauna for this. I dream of pie. In all sorts of flavours. Sweet and savory…


Clawfoot Tub

I am now spoiled, as this is my ACTUAL bath rub right now. I’ve already told Cale I wont be able to settle for less moving forward. I was joking. Sort of.



I think I am always excited about marzipan, especially when paired with chocolate! Marzipan is a yummy almond paste used in a lot of Scandinavian pastries. It is perfect!


Clever Dripper

I love my Clever. It makes the best cup of coffee! I can usually get two cups out of this bad boy. So easy to clean and so smart! I was wasting too much coffee with my French press. I can make this stronger or lighter, depending on how long i let it sit. It wont release until I put my cup under. LOVE.


Happy Thursday! What are YOU currently obsessed with??!!

Cheers! XOXO

What To Wear Wednesday: Knitted Goods


Oh Ryan Gosling…you know I don’t know how to knit. I WISH!! I need lessons from my soon-to-be  sister-in-law…I do appreciate a fine knit though. I have several toques/beanies that friends have made me and I LOVE them. I do have a knitted dress too that I think it fantastic. You’ve seen my cable knit tights and my sweaters…I appreciate knitted goods. I could not possibly show you all of the things I love, so I have just hand selected a few that make me smile. Venture out of your comfort zone and try something on that is knitted and NOT a hat :D Here are some ideas…


I had to post this delicious, mint building and the knitted beauty in front of it. Just adorable…


Such a cute sweater!! Not too shapeless that it looks frumpy. That can be a downfall of knitted sweaters. Keeping their shape is key! And this is one of my favourite colours.


Braided knit necklace!! This is so funky and so fun. Just a cool idea! I, of course, want one in gold.


Such a cute little ear warmer and headband!! Make me want to play in the snow :D


Ummm…knitted shorts??!! Knew for me! I would try them though, especially in this colour, with a navy blue, long-sleeved top, leggings, boots, and a cream, cowell neck scarf!


Adorable fingerless gloves! Great green and not super thick…


I love knitted sweater dresses!! And those knee-high socks in that colour are adorable with it.


This little one is killin me…such a fantastic knitted outfit. Love, love. love…


All of this is great!! More of the ear cover/headbands and a wonderful, oversized knit scarf!! So much fun…you could also pair this with a bright dress and nude heels or a classy, all black outfit.


I had to share this family. They have the knitted spirit!!! Lol…


This reminds me of my dearest Maddy LeAnn. She could pull this look off, no problem…love the softness of the sweater with the sharpness of the glasses and high bun.


Great man sweater!! Love these on my fiance…


And this guy!!!!! The best. He embraces and knows the value in knitted good and so should YOU!!

Until next time…



Do You Know You Are Beautiful??

This video makes me cry every time…it is all too accurate…for me and for women I am walking through life with.

I saw this video in the summertime. It circulated around a bit and I finally watched it. It messed me up for a few weeks…As women, there is this haunting that follows us around and whispers to us our imperfections. It lures us in with comparison and causes us to feel shame, to feel doubt in ourselves, to embrace the fact that we’ve lost before the day has even begun.

I’ve struggled with self worth for years. Not to the point of hurting myself or even showing it to most people. It was always just the yuck that I would entertain in my head that I THOUGHT people were thinking about me or what I was thinking of myself…even with fully loving parents and people around me…nights of crying myself to sleep and longing to be someone different.

I would have to say, I finally let most of those thoughts go just in the past year or so…choosing to see what others see and to change how I see myself, how I treat myself, and even how I speak about myself. I still pick and poke at the parts of me I don’t like…that may never change, but, to my defense,  I  have been better at pointing out what I do like about myself. I’m exercising more, eating better(at least trying!), even speaking life to my body and my personality, not disappointment or wishing for something else.

What makes a woman beautiful? Is it her full lips? Her long hair? Is it her thin figure? Her full figure? Her skin color or her height?? Is it her laugh, her tenderness, her ability to create something out of nothing? Is it her thoughtfulness? Her quirkiness? The way she loves her kids? Is it her attention to detail? Her heart of adventure? We are multi-faceted creatures. Beauty has no limits-no size, no weight, no height. It is varied and wonderful. I encourage you to not only comment on the beauty of those around you, but speak out the things you like about you! It is not proud or egotistical to love yourself and to speak it out. Your body has been given to you and it should be loved and respected. Your personality cannot be replicated exactly by anyone else.

Here is a challenge: stand in front of the mirror and, without saying anything negative, describe what you see. Find the things you love about you…work on loving the rest :) We need to be good to ourselves…to choose to be happy with what we have, on the inside and on the out. We need to encourage and lift each other up, not tear down, with both our eyes and our words.

Cheers to you, beautiful one!!


Currently Obsessed With. Part 2

I’m trying hard to embrace the winter! In Colorado,  summer ends, fall hangs out for a week, and winter takes over…although today was close to 65 degrees, this is rare for November. I am soaking in the cozy and just deciding to enjoy every little detail of this season. A few things right now that are carrying me through are listed below. I could GUSH about each one, but I’ll give you a little one liner for now.

1. Handwritten Love Notes

This is the first time in my life I have received such BEAUTIFUL love notes and cards from a man. I am not sure there is anything better you could find in the mail…all handwritten letters make my face smile, but these make my heart melty and my eyes tear up and I usually dance around the house with them in my hand. I’m such a romantic.

image (41)

2. Crepes

My mama made Swedish pancakes when we were growing up, which is a thicker crepe. My fiancé makes crepes often and has me making them most every Saturday too! We use a French recipe that I will post in a separate blog post soon!! I top mine with nutella and powdered sugar and sometime accompany with bacon and fruit.

image (42)

3. Wes Anderson Films

I still have a couple to watch. I recently saw Fantastic Mr. Fox and almost loved it as much as Moonrise Kingdom!! My home is pretty much decorated in Wes Anderson colours and will continue to be. So visually perfect!

image (43)

4. Faux Fur Blanket

I was gifted a faux fur blanket from Restoration Hardware a few years back and I LOVE IT!!! Best thing for a nap ever! Whether I am lying on it or under it, it is the best, most cozy addition to any chilly setting.

image (44)

5. Napping!

Speaking of being cozy and napping, this happens to be one of my favourite all of the time, but especially in the winter!! I feel like as the hours in the day fade and night creeps in and lingers longer, I just want to stay in my bed or crawl in any chance that I get.

image (45)

6. Trader Joe’s Chocolate Bars

My mother loves me-she sent me two of these for my birthday!!! My dear friend Angel also sent me one. We do not have Trader Joes, which daily makes my heart sad. These are utter perfection.

image (46)

7. Paper Chains

I’ve always loved these, but this year I have made an extra special one to help countdown my wedding!!! Love, love, love :D

image (47)

8. Fika

This is a Swedish tradition that I am trying to include in my everyday life. It is simply a break in your day where you meet up with friends and share coffee and goodies. I have started having Fika at work around 2pm, with a little piece of toast or something. Such an excellent break in the day!

image (48)

9. Fleet Foxes

I am nit sure you could find a more fun, cozy band…I have a deep love for them. One of the best concerts I have ever been to…at time, I was teary eyed AND grinning like an idiot, ha ha ha…they are at the tippy top of my favourites list ALWAYS.

image (49)

These are a few of my favourite things ate the moment! What are yours??




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